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Our certification team is currently working remotely, but we are still here to help. Read through the Frequently Asked Questions and if you still need assistance, email and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  • What is the difference between a CE, a CEU, a CEC, a CE hour, etc.?

    There are a number of interchangeable terms used to mean one continuing education (CE) hour. These include CE, clock hour, contact hour, CE credit, credit hour, and others. The important thing to keep in mind is that NBCC counts CE on an hour-for-hour basis. The exception to these interchangeable terms is the term continuing education unit, or CEU. A CEU is 10 clock hours; however, the term CEU is sometimes be used incorrectly. For instance, if a workshop lasted for 4 hours, the workshop would be worth 4 CE clock hours or 0.4 CEUs. A workshop would only be worth 4 CEUs (40 clock hours) if you really were engaged with the learning activity for 40 hours.

  • What counts or does not count for continuing education?

    We recommend that you take continuing education activities from NBCC approved continuing education providers. However, continuing education hours do not necessarily have to be from an NBCC-approved provider or event in order to be accepted by NBCC for purposes of recertifying your NCC. As long as the event or activity meets NBCC's requirements, the hours can count toward the continuing education requirement to recertify your NCC. NBCC requires that the CE hours fall under one of NBCC's approved topic areas, is taught by a qualified professional and is earned through an acceptable method with appropriate documentation. Continuing education hours not earned through NBCC ACEPs may require additional documentation.

  • How do I change my certification status?

    In order to change your certification status, you must submit the appropriate form and be up to date on your fees. Please note, NBCC cannot change your certification status without the appropriate form and payment.

  • What are the requirements to maintain my certification?

    You must comply with NBCC policies and procedures, including the NBCC Code of Ethics. Additionally, you must pay your annual certification fees and complete the continuing education requirements. If you hold a specialty certification, a percentage of your continuing education requirement must be within your specialty area. You can make payments and track your CE hours through ProCounselor.

  • How do I reinstate my certification?

    In order to reinstate your certification, you must pay any past-due fees, your reinstatement fee and your certification fee for the upcoming year, and attest to your adherence to the NBCC Code of Ethics. Additionally, you must submit documentation of 100 hours of continuing education within the past five years. Please go to “My Certifications” in the blue sidebar, and then click the “Reinstate Now” button.

  • How do I make a payment?

    To make a payment online, click on "My Certifications" in the blue box on the left of your screen and select "Pay Now" in the "Recertification Details" box to the upper right.

    To make a payment via mail, attach your payment to your invoice and send it to NBCC.

    To make a payment via fax, complete the payment information on your invoice and fax it to the number shown.

  • What forms of payments are accepted?

    American Express, MasterCard, Visa, money order, and personal check. Please note that a $35 processing fee will be assessed for all returned checks including stop payments.

  • How do I print an invoice?

    Click on "My Certifications" in the blue box on the left of your screen.

    Click "Pay Now" in the "Recertification Details" box in the top right of your screen

    On the shopping cart page, check the "Pay by money order" box.

    Click "Print invoice" at the bottom of the screen.

  • How do I know if I have been selected for audit?

    Click on “My Certifications“ in the blue box on the left of your screen. If you have been selected for audit, the status for the continuing education portion of your requirement box will be either “pending audit,“ “audit review“ or “audit incomplete.“

  • When will I receive my new certificate?

    After completion of your recertification or reinstatement requirements, a new certificate will be mailed to you in approximately four to six weeks.